Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Good Morning Quilty Friends. At mid-week I have another Ladies of the Cloth share. This little quilt measures about 36 inches by 48 (?) inches. It was made from scraps presented to member Pat during a TRQ class recently. The goal was to make service quilts from this lot of left over and scrap fabrics. The pattern was to be determined by the quilter. This is how Pat used her fabrics. Isn't this ingenious? In addition, she is the master of the Big Stitch quilting technique. While she modestly states that the Big Stitch quilting is easy to do, I know that it takes significant practice to maintain stitch size and tension.
  Is this not lovely? Note that the center of the circle is the join point for four squares. I am impressed.
Now just look at this label! It is a little bird with a message. When the recipient sees this they will know that this gift was special and made for them with love.
  • This makes me want to jazz up the quality of my Labels. (if I remember to do them at all!)

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