Friday, March 18, 2016

Does this photo look fuzzy? It is not the camera, (or the taker) it is the amazing wool that Ladies of the Cloth member, Jennifer, prepared for spinning. Note the little spinning tool in the left upper corner of the photo.

These little curly things are called Poonies. What, you say? Poonies.
Poonies are tight little rolls made by hand from carded wool, and they are traditionally what is used for hand spinning.
These little things are so soft and squishy and touchable that I felt like I do when I encounter packing bubble sheets. Just have to pop them! Knowing Jennifer would not appreciate that I got a grip on my urge and just took pictures.   The jewel tone colors of this yarn are amazing and deep and saturated. Not sure of their final use, I will update when Jenny decides. 

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