Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Tumbler Project

While working on some UFO's I discovered this selection of Tumbler blocks that I cut with my Go Cutter some time ago. I cut them and placed them in a work box then promptly lost the pattern. Good Grief, how did that happen? I like to keep all these things together and organized for a reason, that reason.

So I decided to just wing it. How hard can a simple Tumbler be? (she said) Alternating color and neutral blocks in rows was the answer. The rest I will figure out as I go along.

The bonus of the Go Cutter Tumbler die is that it trims the corners as you cut. This makes it so easy to assembly-line piece the units and save lots of time.
I set the blocks on a small cutting board with the small end up on the color blocks and the small end down on the neutral blacks. This gives me an easy pick up and the ability to line up the blocks as I sew.
So far I have a mountain of 2 block units, they will soon be 4 blocks and so on. Updates to follow. 

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