Friday, March 4, 2016

A Friday Quilty Post

Quilting is one of those hobbies that evolve for many...if not most who participate. Quilting takes so many forms and styles that one can identify the quilter by her work. I can often enter a quilt show where I know certain people have entered a piece and guess right off who made the quilt without looking at the name. Style evolves. 

The modern quilter has so many options now. Patterns are being developed by multiple designers: independents, book designers, fabric producers and artists delving into the market. Fabric lines are so diverse that any style per decade can easily be found on line and in the shops.

That said, Terri, from the Ladies of the Cloth fame, is an accomplished artist in her own right and her quilting talents are evolving quickly. This quilt is just one example. A modern layout uses some of the most perfectly executed little blocks I have seen.

See what I mean?

Her choice of fabrics is exciting and highly contrasting. Something I am not really very good at designing. The brownish fabric actually looks like a brushed suede.

So beautifully done, now we wait to see just how she quilts this one.

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