Friday, March 11, 2016

A Fabulous Friday Finish 2.0 and a Story

I hear that little mumble...what???? Yes, quilters, this is the second version of the exact same quilt. As always, our Ladies of the Cloth gathering was peppered with surprises. This is a quilt made by member Betty Jane for her Granddaughter, a reader. Each block is a book, the white section represent the open pages. On the spines you can see the titles of each book printed on white fabric. Now that is where this gets interesting.

Betty Jane was asked to enter this in the TRQ quilt show in a week. She had already given it to her Granddaughter. So, she called her and asked permission. She agreed but there was a problem. Dear Girl, spilled water on the quilt and the printing on the spines bled, on the quilt, into the batting, YIKES!

With her usual nonchalance and skill Betty Jane brought the quilt home, washed it and washed it removing all visible ink then took off all the spine pieces and reprinted them with a special fabric and process that supposedly eliminated the bleed problem. After removing the binding she added another layer of batting fearing residual ink in the first layer. Then she put it all back together again!!!!
How can you not be enchanted with the border on this quilt! The theme is perfect and the colors work so well.

What a job but what a great result. Now, ready for the show this quilt is a testament to the ingenuity of the quilter, well at least this quilter! The label is really cute but I will not share it because it has specific personal information on it. Hope you understand.

Well, as an almost-Spring week end approaches I wish you all the best and don't forget to turn your clocks ahead 1 hour. Yeah!!!!! I am a warm weather (not stink'in hot mind you but warm) and a Daylight Savings Time advocate.  I feel energized and hopeful. For many reasons this has been a difficult Winter, even though our snowfall has been minimal. I am glad it is over. (well not officially but the time change is good enough for me!)

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