Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Wardrobe Project, 2016: Some New Garment Blogs I Discovered

Threads Magazine
My current favorite print source of inspiration.

Hello there. Read any good blogs lately? Well, I have and I wanted to share them with you. It all started when I was doing some research on the well received Style Arc Pattern line. I have read several reviews in the last few months from different bloggers about the draft of these patterns. I have not ordered any yet but I am curious. That research led me to three new to me blogs. Thought you might be interested.StyleArc  Barb's Stretch PantI have read that the "Barb Pant" is a very popular pattern. Great fit is the number one remark. Listed as one of Pattern Review's top 10 of 2015 I am thinking this might be an intro for me.

Visit the Style Arc Website HERE!   

Three new to me blogs that might interest you. 

Unzipped Meet a Lady called Blue Mooney. 
A series of comprehensive posts discussing everything related to garment sewing. I was originally attracted to this one because of a new post, dated February 15, 2016, discussing four different pattern companies and the interesting differences in their drafted crotch curve. It is not unusual for me to have to tweak the Vogue patterns. She has a series discussing her Louise Cutting makes and many more. Lots to read here ladies.

Seams Well is a blog that explores everything from clothes, to totes and beyond.
I so admire those Sewists who have mastered the lovely tote. Linda has a great sense of style and color. She also knits. Multi-talented would be a good descriptor.

Kathryn of I Made This blog- here.
A prolific Sewist, Kathryn shares the fine points of the patterns and her makes. Several Style Arc patterns are featured recently. Clearly, Kathryn has found a few great Style Arc patterns and she shares her results. 

 I have been surprised during my recent blog search jaunt at just how many sewing blogs, particularly those that feature garment construction, are no longer active. Some were prolific up until 2013-14 and now just dead in the water. (so to speak) It is sad. Some did mention that they were going dark for a while and other just dropped of. I often wonder why, how and are these people all right or just bored of it all. Blog writing is a lot of work. There is a time commitment, of course, but there is a commitment to presenting timely information as well. Information that is sourced and researched to provide accurate details can be difficult to find at times. I hope you find some interesting and inspiring content in these blogs. We Are Not Alone! (I am watching the new X-Files, can you tell?)

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