Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Saturday Share on Thursday: Knitted Rag Rug


 Good morning to the Fellowship of the Needle. All kinds of needles. In this instance I am thinking about a knitting needle. Amanda Jean of the Crazy Mom Quilts blog shared this sweet little rug. The crochet version has made the rounds now and then but I don't think I have seen a knitted version. Her brilliant sense of color in her work is echoed in this little scrap rug.

Since we all have left overs, take a look at this tutorial and see just what you can do with them. If you are not familiar with this blog, take a few minutes and see how lovely her work is.

Have a lovely weekend.

See the post and the link to the tutorial here!
***This "Share" used with permission of the author.
Photo's and links used with permission from Amanda Jean! Thank you so much.

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