Friday, February 26, 2016

Golly Gumdrops! The Ladies of the Cloth-Part One

The Ladies met this week and had some catching up to do. Last week we were hindered by the ice, this week it was sunny and warmish. Welcome to Pennsylvania. We have been known to have four seasons in one day. I am not kidding.

We had a lively conversation about Downton Abbey and Doc Martin. Favorites with this group, we were dissecting the story line and some contradictions we noted. My contribution was the comment made by Lord Grantham....."golly gumdrops!" Really? Where in the world did that come from? I cannot imagine that comment coming from him. Oh well.

So above you must see Linda's current UFO. A paper pieced project the colors are stunning and the design is intricate and so well balanced. This will be a wall hanging for a long wall just waiting for decoration. Beautiful.
Color, color, color. I have little skill in that arena but clearly, Linda has enough for both of us!

Next post, more interesting color use by our Rose. I am a boring quilter, of this I am certain!!!
  • quilting friends are the best. Good to see you again Janice.
  • color choices will likely always elude me
  • bright and highly contrasted colors make the most beautiful quilts 
Would you like to hear some of the Downton characters speak their lines with an American accent? I guarantee, you will laugh. HERE!!!

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