Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Wardrobe Project: Where Do You Look for Style?

Printed  Midi dress

Stylewe.  As much as I am somewhat perturbed with pop-up ads on my newsfeed, I have to say that this one caught my eye. 

Have you ever visited Stylewe? Lots of style, lots of options and a good place to tweak your inner designer. Reasonably priced items from coats to gowns, their offerings seem broad ranged and modern with a nod to tradition. Check it out, see what you think. I have absolutely no affiliation and I have never purchased from them. My intent is to forward ideas to the Wardrobe Project participants.

Follow Stylewe on Facebook here.  *please excuse the 6 foot tall 100 pound 12 year old models. It is not their fault!

We are in block one now, sewing for April, May and June. Camel Dress, silk and cashmere above, the ottoman ribs in two widths, dropped shoulder, funnel collar... that is me, I am sketching it to work on in Block #3. (July, August and September ) for October, November and December 2016. In some ways it seems counter-intuitive to be sewing wool-ish knits in the middle of Summer, I know, but trust me, when that first chilly day hits and you need to look smart and pulled together for a dinner with friends, you will pull this beauty out of the closet and be good to go.


Robin said...

Stylewe caught my eye too. Love their outerwear and unusual fabrics. I stopped buying patterns a few years ago because the styles ceased to be interesting enough to sew up. Now I Pinterest the 'wow factor' styles I find online and eventually make some of them.

celkalee said...

I know what you mean Robin! I suspect we are not alone. Patterns are expensive and I found so many, way too many, that have not even been cut! I am trying to sew from stash because I bought the patterns with good intentions but life got in the way. 2016 is my year to deal with some of that. So glad you have found a way to inspire your creative work. Pinterest is wonderful. I just have to watch my time or nothing else gets done! If you are participating in the The Wardrobe Project, just know that I will be having some give-aways. Check back, I hope to get that post up this week. Happy New Year!

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