Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Wardrobe Project, 2016: Sew a Travel Wardrobe?

For those planning to sew a travel wardrobe, the Project can help you plan and prepare. Starting with Block #1, your transition season can double for travel. Is there a light weight jacket in your plan? Why not  consider choosing a versatile piece with pockets for passports, boarding passes and a small wallet. A piece like this is so convenient for shopping or short trips as well and provides the opportunity to leave the handbag/purse behind.

 When I first read the Threads article I wasn't sure that the pattern styles would suit me but guess what? I really like the idea of the loose fitting styles. I know I want to use current stash but truth be told, I so need a comfy travel wardrobe! Layers are essential, comfort is important, pockets are required. So where do I go from here?

Most of my patterns can be adjusted/altered to suit this style of dress and since I travel for pleasure, not business, I can narrow down specific items if I wish. The patterns used in the presentation are Cutting Line Designs! I have most of them! Yippee! Here you go, Cutting Line Designs! 
  UPDATED: One Seam Pant Pattern (31371)The One Seam Pants Pattern is still available and by the way, the number one all time post on my blog.

These are a few of my Cutting Line Designs Patterns that I had in the queue. There are a few more and actually, I have a duplicate of one of these. I will let you know next post and we will have a give away? OK?

Want to read the article, download a pdf. file, click here: Sew a Travel Wardrobe by Sandra Miller, Threads #183
  • You can shape this project to suit your needs. Do you travel, make the project blocks travel-perfect. 
  • Consider versatility in your choices. Most of us can shape the wardrobe to suit one or more  occasions or needs.
  •  I am a museum visitor, regularly. I want/need chic and comfortable clothing that will suit different venues. That means layers for me. Summer heat vs. air conditioning. Indoors vs. outdoors. Long rides in the RV, Mondo, or short car rides. Easy in and out, no wrinkles and easy care. 
  • While I had specific needs for filling in wardrobe gaps when I started this I intent to switch to Travel Style. This works for me. 
  • Study Boutique Catalogs, such as Travel Smith.
  • I need to find the pattern company that was popular several years ago. Their styles featured lots of pockets in tops and jackets. I'll let you know.  
  • I am going a bit Artsy here, flowing lines, asymmetry, loose but not shapeless style. Fun!

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