Friday, January 29, 2016

The Wardrobe Project, 2016: Let's Pretend it's Spring, OK?

Good morning Sewists. Since it is cold and snowing in Sewtopia I thought a lovely flower photo might warm the cockles so to speak. And I wanted to let you know that the winner of the Colette Sewing Handbook is Ninon! Since she is the only one who entered, the choice was really pretty simple. Many have noticed that Blogger has changed some important features. Many of us no longer have our "followers" in the last couple weeks. As a result, the others interested may not even have been aware of the give away. I am sorry about that but the dates were set. This won't be the last one and hopefully those who were dropped will find there way back to Sewtopia. I will wait and see how this all works out. Decisions need to be made. Dear Ninon, of My Sweet Settings Blog, please email your street address to   

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