Monday, January 4, 2016

Resolutions: The Short List

A Stunning, Happy, Dale Chilully glass sculpture brightens the world!
I have a love/hate thing with New Years Resolutions. They feel like a competition, with myself. I do not have one ounce of competitive spirit, therefore, the dilemma.

This year, however, I am looking at my Creative Resolutions differently. If you are familiar with the All People Quilt blog you already know that inspiration spills from every post. Every project you can imagine has been chronicled there. And there is no cost for the patterns or the tutorials.

The 2016 UFO challenge is one that I can embrace. I have them, way too many of them and I resolve this year to whittle down that pile. There was a time when I kept my Featherweight in the kitchen so that I could cook and sew at the same time. (I know, think about that!) I don't think that multi-tasking is the right way to go. This project requires you to list 12 projects to finish this year. On the first of the month the APQ people will draw a number and that is the project on your list that you will work on for that month. Sounds like fun, sounds mostly do-able and I am going to give it a spin. Interested? Just follow the link and read all about it. The All People Quilt 2016 Challenge-UFO's!!!

Want to see a spectacular finish? Click the link to Kelly Cline's blog to see the last quilt she finished for 2015. Golly-gee! click here, what amazing talent!  

Gentle Reminder Time:
  1. Organize your calendar,  check for the annual doctor appointments and mammogram. If  you need to make appointments do it now, plan ahead. 
  2. On the same train of thought, check the 'girls.' You are responsible for your own health. Take charge.  
  3. If you use make-up brushes this is the good time to wash them. A monthly effort will pay off for your skin. 
  4. Touch base with a long lost friend, purchase a collection of sympathy cards and get well cards, organize your pens and pencils.  I have mentioned in the past that these are so meaningful. 
This will be the year that I plan to be more thoughtful and more myself. Have you made any resolutions? Do tell.   A quote from Naomi Campbell of all people.....
Today I must undecorate, my least favorite job of the year!
 "I am never overconfident about anything. I know I'm a work in progress."



Jeanneke said...

The glass flower is stunning!
Did you manage to undecorate your room? By the way, is it your room in the picture...?
If so, I would hesitate to undecorate, too!
Love and blessings,


celkalee said...

The glass artist is one of my absolute favorites. He teaches in Seattle and around the country but this is for serious artists only. The apprentice ship can last 10 years. Each piece is more stunning than the one before.

I am currently half un-decorated and no, that is not my room! How I wish. It is from a castle somewhere, ha, ha! The tapestries alone likely cost more than my house. The tree is much like the one I used to use about 10 years ago, heavily decorated, large and room filling. I gave it away this year, too big. Still have all the decorations though. Next year I am changing things up a bit. The take down is not my favorite, particularly when getting over this nasty bug. Husband is helping a bit. Tomorrow is another day, right now I am having a cup of tea. Happy New Year!!!

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