Friday, January 1, 2016

Phipps Conservatory, Christmas 2015

Mr. and I are avid museum goers. Our memberships afford us the luxury of attending many events and being immersed in the beauty therein. This is the Phipps Conservatory of Pittsburgh. An outstanding permanent collection is enhanced by seasonal shows. Not to miss, these events signal the celebration for us. This photo shows one of several Dale Chilully  glass sculptures.
If only my orchids looked like this!
Loved these Pointsettia's in red and white. And of course the hydrangea set the border off so nicely.
The trees, decorated with care, like Christmas sentinals they direct the way to the other rooms.
The center pilaster is strung with lights.
Interesting plates were perched on the shelves in the center pilaster. I am not sure what that was all about.
The long view.
Some charming paper whites are tucked here and there in every display.
It was overcast and foggy the day we visited, a very moody Victorian day as we head through the Victoria Room.
This stunning tree is in the water, the reflection on the pond was absolutely magical.
These bring a smile, don't they?
The pond behind the Frasier Fir.
One of many small and large waterfalls.
On any given dreary Winter day you can find gardeners roaming the Conservatory studying and planning their own gardens. The warm air, some slight breezes through the large room helps us forget about the dreary day outside. At the end of the tour a brief stop for a coffee or tea makes the day complete. I took 169 photo's this day. I won't show them all but there are more coming in another post that I hope you enjoy. Happy New Year.


Jeanneke said...

Happy New Year dear friend!
Did you know your side-bar photo shows a Dutch directing post mentioning 'Werkendam', which is a small town in our province of Zuid Holland!
What a surprise.
Thanks for sharing the beauty in Phipps Conservatory!
May you have a beautiful first day of 2016.

celkalee said...

Thanks you and a very Happy New Year to you as well. One of these days I want to make it to your corner of the world. Your photo's show it so well. Take care.

Beatrice Wins said...

your post reminded me of the time I had an opportunity to visit the Lake Union studio of Dale Chilluly. what an inspiration. Also, he rode my morning bus several times a month. I recognized him but gave him his space. It was a bus after all.

happy New year

celkalee said...

Dale rides the bus? Well, to sit close to such talent, could be why you have such skill! Surely it rubs off? I love his work, it is magical and mesmerizing to me. Anyone who works in glass is so talented. It is hard and hot work. Thanks for the story Bea!

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