Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Life Enrichment Series: The Frick Museums in Pittsburgh

Frick Art & Historical Center - Pittsburgh, PA, United States. He built this playhouse for his kids.
This is the children's playhouse, it has a brick floored bowling alley!
I am a museum person. Any museum. All museums. I can get lost for hours absorbing the history and surrounding of any collection from clothing, to furniture, to jewelry or fine art. We are fortunate to have a wealth of venue's in this city.
Frick Art & Historical Center - Pittsburgh, PA, United States. The Cafe
Sweet little cafe, make reservations. Tea is served daily.

I have toured the Clayton mansion many times and each time I learn something new. Our docent on this tour, Kathy, was excellent. The focus of the Christmas tour this year was how the Fricks entertained when they lived here and their Christmas traditions. Unfortunately, most of the seasonal decor had passed its prime and was due to be taken down in two days. Because of my illness, we missed the early tours. Oh well, next year.
Frick Art & Historical Center - Pittsburgh, PA, United States. The Greenhouse
Stunning Victorian Greenhouse

To have lived in this time period, during this time in our history would have been full of challenge unless you were of this class. But, delving into their lives show that the Fricks were a bit more grounded than many of the other industrialists who occupied Millionaires Row here. 
Frick Art & Historical Center - Pittsburgh, PA, United States. Front Formal Parlor Interior. The items on the mantle lare from Tiffanys.
Mrs. Fricks Parlor

Of course, I always find a sweet token in any museum store. One of my favorite collectibles are Journals. Often unusual designs from art are transferred to the cover or a medallion of some sort represents that particular museum. I will have to take some photo's for you.

I always look for tea related items. This museum store had a few pieces, several were not too appealing imported (Chinese) stuff. I look for something special, I can get that kind of stuff in a discount store. However, a nice little tea strainer did jump into my bag as well as a French bistro towel.
Using the towel has a tea cart cover.
*My favorite room in the house is the Breakfast Room. I cannot find a photo for you. No photography is permitted in the house. At all, none. Featuring built in china closets and a square table next to a green marble faced fireplace, it is cozy and bright. 

Take a moment and enjoy A video tour of Clayton. Transport yourself back in time when the Guilded Age families lived a very opulent life.

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