Friday, December 4, 2015

This Week at the Ladies of the Cloth Gathering

Are these the cutest little snow people? Terri was ticking these off her needles like a spider spinning a web! Effortless, beautiful, skilled.

Linda is still working on a UFO, these blocks are beautiful. Let me just show you the pics and see for yourself!

  • The UFO, do you have any? I might have a few. I would love to say that I will polish them all off next year. What? Did I say that? Good grief, what was I thinking?
  • Linda's applique skills are meticulous. I am so impressed and cannot wait to see the finished product. No pressure here, whenever.
  • Screaming tendonitis, let me tell you, it is not good. Lots of ice working here. Lots of ice. No more heels, that is it! No more heels!

1 comment:

ELMO said...

Wow, those blocks look like stained glass.

Finished! Fini! Afgewerkt! Finito!

not the best photo, sorry, will take another soon! Today, bird is the word. Good Morning Stitching Friends, do you like my attempt at ...