Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Ladies Have Tea

...."All this endless thinking is very over rated!" If you follow Downton Abbey you know that Violet has a stable of Zingers that just put the sparkle in the day.

On a recent afternoon a friend and I spend the time doing some pre-holiday cooking. A traditional dish, pierogi are her heritage and mine by marriage. We took a class two years ago at a Polish store. I learned the finer points and we have great fun when we are up to our apron strings in flour.  This friend has just experienced a tragedy that has caused her to think and re-think her decisions. In this instance her decisions were impeccable and her anxiety about these moments have caused her to over-think. Rolling dough and working out problems is therapeutic and bonding. It was time for tea.

After we wrapped up, and enjoyed our soothing cuppa, life seemed a little more civil, a bit more kind, and prepared for the difficult days ahead. Tea does that.

My Holiday Tea Set.
  This is the Lenox set, my Holiday favorite. Sorry, didn't get the pot in the photo, it was tempering. Have a lovely day. Our weather is changing and becoming more seasonal. I may have to wear a jacket. Rats!

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