Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Not Quite But Almost Last Minute Projects!

Hello Christmas Sewists! Just when I thought I had wrapped up the list, I saw this in a shop. I have a love/hate thing for panels but the colors and theme of this one just called to me.

I know it is Tuesday and you may be expecting a tea pot post but lets talk about a different subject, sewn decor. As I look around my neighborhood I see houses literally dripping with gorgeous lights and wreaths and bows. It looks like a magazine shot. I also see what looks like piles of rags thrown on lawns, they are those blow up figures before the air enters their tacky little bodies. I know they are revered by many Christmas decorators, not my favorites. I know that has nothing to do with sewing Christmas but it was in my head waiting to come out.

This love/hate thing with panels, I think it is a throw back from the 1980's when I thought they were such nice short cuts. I still have some of them, what was I thinking? They will go this Spring to a flea market. Anyway, this is a theme of little birds and berries with turquoise and reds. Nice updated colors.
Here is the info on the panel. I will just layer and stitch this as is, maybe add a border then some quick quilting. Not doing the Mona Lisa here, just need a bright spot for the master bath.

As Sewists we can add a seasonal flavor with small sewn touches. I have two friends who literally transform their entire houses to Christmas Wonderlands. I visit them to "get in the spirit" because they are already done decorating. A tree in every public room. You heard me. And they are color themed and exquisite. The furniture is placed to strategically feature each one. The wall art is changed to Christmas themes in paint and embroidery and cross-stitch. All dishes and glass ware carry out the theme. Bathrooms and bedrooms are decked out as well as kitchens and sometimes even storage areas. I know. The outside is trimmed with lights and wreaths, sleighs and bows. It is magical. They are my idols. 

Among these people I am a dud. But I try.

One of my favorite Lifestyle Bloggers is Anne, from On Sutton Place. I think she represents many of us who decorate reasonably with color and theme. She has started a series about her home this week that shows lovely photo's of her front porch. She emphasizes that she works on a budget. Her results are beautiful. Click anywhere on this paragraph to visit her home.

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