Saturday, December 26, 2015

From Dirty Dancing per Patrick Swayze......"She's Taking a Break, She Needs a Break!"

Dear Friends of Sewtopia, I have just popped in to let you know I need to take some time off. I have been very under the weather with a nasty upper respiratory illness and have not sewn a darn thing or even finished writing posts for the blog. Each time I have something like this the recovery time gets longer.  Christmas has come and gone and I missed it. I am not happy about that but there it is, another one of those milestones. I am not sure how long I will be useless but I know it will take a few weeks.  If you are doing your own Wardrobe Project, the guidelines have mostly been posted already but you can comment here or email me with specific questions. I am terribly sorry but life intrudes and all we can do is try to adjust. The little donkey's are Martha Stewarts, I love a sweet little donkey. They seem to be asking....'what is going on?" And that dear friends is what is going on. 

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Jeanneke said...

Sending love and blessings for health and prosperity, right now and for the new year.
Hopefully you'll soon be on the mend, my friend.

Finished! Fini! Afgewerkt! Finito!

not the best photo, sorry, will take another soon! Today, bird is the word. Good Morning Stitching Friends, do you like my attempt at ...