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Classic Style: The Wardrobe Project, 2016

always right -  grey and camel:
Ah, Pinterest. I limit my scanning time when I start because one can get lost in everything there. Today I am thinking about Classic Style. I define myself essentially as Classic Style. I like clean lines and solid colors. When I study a pattern I go directly to the line drawings. I know right away if it will suit my style. This combination for example, classic gray and camel. The coat is generously fitted with simple lines while the dress is a simple jewel neck below the knee sweater dress. This dress could be fashioned in a Ponte with some French fitting darts to give it a little shape at the waist if you choose to omit the belt. 
Black on black with a dark charcoal gray jacket. Simple lines, high arm-hole and a stand up collar. Pockets as well.  
Black dress (details unknown) with the taupe 3/4 jacket, looks like mohair.
The classic white button down shirt, no words needed.

  • Have you determined a specific style or do you prefer an artistic blend, maybe a sport-y tendency or a feminine persuasion. While you may have a preference, mixing things up now and then can jazz up the wardrobe. I tend to use my 'jazzy' pieces as accessories. I don't generally follow trendy quick fashion. 
  • Again, for this project you need to determine a dark and a light neutral. This is the king-pin for the process. I have pretty much decided on Navy Blue and off-white. 
  • I only have one pair of Navy Blue shoes, flats. A good excuse to shoe shop!  
  • Please remember that I am middle aged plus so my tastes are going to be conservative. You can choose what ever style you want. My goal here is to help you choose core pieces to suit your style, you lifestyle and your talents. Please don't get caught up in making an entire wardrobe in 3 months! Who has that kind of time. Choose something that you know that you can complete in this first block. Whether it is one key piece or several. This is why a journal will help. You can think out loud, sort out your ideas and make your first decisions. While the process will help you improve your sewing skills don't think as a beginning sewist that you need to check that Chanel Jacket off the list in the first block. Know your abilities and start there. 
  • Do you know of Sarah Gunn? Well, this lady is the perfect example of why we have entered upon this challenge! A lovely and talented Sewist, she has taken a wardrobe project to new heights. Please, link over to her blog, here, Good Bye Valentino to enjoy her style, which is updated classic and her panache. You can subscribe to her blog as well and follow on her new project, 40 garments this year. The background story is a great read. Now, this lady is in her 50's but seriously, she looks like she just turned 40! Her theory of 60 is the new 40 is the basis for this project. 
This is a beautiful blog, professionally photographed and presented. You will be inspired in your own work. Make sure you follow the tabs at the top of the page and read the 'about me' section. Wow! Please also know that I am NOT a professional blogger, I am my own pathetic photographer and I do not have the budget that she has. That said, I will do the best I can to help you on this year long project. I refer to other blogs because they are loaded with ideas and inspiration that will help you. Have a wonderful day!

Your assignment for the week: narrow down your style for your main pieces. Choose one or two patterns that meet your criteria to sew in January. We have 4 weeks until kick off.  Consider subscribing to some fashion blogs or garment sewing blogs like Sarah's to enhance your own project. 

Please also note how Sarah categorizes her projects and records them. You can do this on paper, on your computer or what ever your choose. If you are a google subscriber you can set up your own 'blog' but keep it UNPUBLISHED to use as only a recording device. If you need help with that let me know.
Photo's Pinterest Board, Cheri Lane.

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