Wednesday, November 11, 2015

We Interrupt Regular Programming......Cover Your Kindle

 Kindle Cover 2

Dear Friends, on occasion I find a new-to-me blog that is so timely and blessed with the creators ideas that I need to do more than just give you a link buried in text. Such is The Saturday Share is a newish feature that I wanted to use to present other people's work for you to enjoy but truthfully, there are times when I find some so special it needs its own sidebar link so it is easy for you to get there without searching and reading here. It is rare that I do this, mind you, because each blog and its content stands alone in the millions of blogs out there. A few weeks ago I added the fiberflux button and today I added this new one. Sometimes these talented people have a little side business where they sell their patterns. If my referral helps that so much the better for them.

This tutorial is an example of a talented person creating timely items for you to use. Kindle/Tablet Tutorial. It is free to consider for your own use or as a gift.

You're welcome!

If you are inclined please click on this link to see an amazing quilt, wow! Be prepared to be amazed!

And in a total opposite direction, check out these Quilt Wrecks!!! 

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