Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Turkish Tea Set

source here. Handmade Turkish copper and crystal tea set.  11/24/15 addendum *please understand that this post was written and scheduled days before current world events. I do apologize if it seems insensitive, that was never the intent. 

A wee bit over the top, yes? But it is beautiful and I wanted to show you. For someone who leans to a more modest presentation this one is not likely to ever cross my radar! It is beautiful. I like the little caps that top each cup. I like my hot tea hot.

I think I am going to be knitting a tea cozy. Terri is going to help me.
Crochet with Raymond, One of my favorite early blogs. Click here to see the Ravelry patterns offered.

Is this the cutest thing? Knitted, help!    Coxe_007_small2


Beatrice Wins said...

you have selected a perfect project- it meets the teachers criteria for success: 1) you want it 2) Not too large 3) Not too complicated 4)worked from a written pattern

celkalee said...

thanks Beatrice, I hope it is not too difficult, I sure don't want to loose a friend!

Beatrice Wins said...

NO chance- teacher has reviewed the pattern and it's not too difficult.

celkalee said...


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