Friday, November 27, 2015

The Finished Quilts

Lets just briefly consider the finishing of the quilt. Not the mechanics of it, the doing it. Like many, I have several projects in progress at one time. This time of year tends to do this to me no matter how well I attempt to plan my time. Drives me nuts! My studio is a disaster. I plan to purge that space today. I just cannot work with all that clutter. 

But that is not my focus right now. Is it reasonable to plan, piece and finish one project at a time? Is it possible to work on several projects at a time, rotating the work so as not to get bored? I have tried them all and it seems I still end up with multiple things going on. 

There is an ad  on TV again that Walmart has run in the past. The theme is applicable to many of life's challenges. " It's hard to build a future if you can't see past today." To see the future I need to organize and plan. 

These quilters have already figured that out, just look at their finished quilts!

Need some planning prompts? Click on the link and see how this quilter manages her small quilts!
 A Sentimental Quilter blog, Kathy Tracy helps you plan how to finish those small quilts!

***Mary Fons talks about the pre-wash/not pre-wash debate, very entertaining, here!

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