Friday, November 20, 2015

In Progress,

Sometimes it takes more than a while. I started this ages ago. Half-square triangles, modern fabric, Wren and Friends by Moda. It is not speaking to me, the pattern is simple and that is what I wanted for this but it is a snooze I tell ya, a snooze. While I am not in the mood for anything more than this I am slogging through it.   
Isn't this stunning, the red just sings!

Hand Quilted
A close up, dimensional flowers!
I doubt if the maker was bored with this project. Just look at the meticulous applique stitching! So well done. I study quilts at quilt shows, I mean really study them. Not all of them, I do pick and choose but it is heartwarming to see this kind of work. Makes my quilty heart sing! I like my quilting fairly dense. I would have added a bit more quilting to the borders on this one. I have a similar one, a very early work, that has some uneven spaced quilting in the border, hand quilted by the way. I plan to add some work to that one, one of these days. Maybe this Winter while sitting by the fire, like in an old Masters painting or a Hallmark movie. Right. 

Like many, I am a reader. When a block of time opens up (waiting for the onions to carmelize or while on hold to make an appointment) I have a read. I have different materials here and there. I think I am afraid that my brain will go  "off"  and I will start having memory problems. Really. I live with the effects of dementia in a family member every day and it is a frightening thing. Anyway, here is one of those great lists that Marc and Angel post now and then that resonates particularly after seeing such beautiful quilts.  Their work falls in the self help genre and they are rather insightful for such young people. If you are interested in their perspective for self confidence, then check this out. 

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ELMO said...

No!!! I like your quilt love the colors. I am amazed at how people take an OK, quilt top and transform it with the quilt pattern. Clearly I s t I'll have a lot to learn.

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