Sunday, November 8, 2015

Hand embroidery.... elegant, meticulous, personal.  To work with beautiful threads and fibers is the joy of the hand embroiderer. From your local craft store to the Royal School of Embroidery, skills are developed and applied to fabrics to create wondrous works of art. 

Many quilters embellish their work with hand embroidery, our Rose is one of them. Her current project is a masterpiece of little stitches and embellishments. When it is complete she will let me photograph it.

Until then I have a snippet of her skill from her stitchery workbook.
This is page one. I cannot believe how comprehensive this little book is. I will show you the photos and let them speak for themselves. Enjoy.

 Are you thinking about doing something like this?

This brings another line of thought to mind. Fine music and beautiful embroidery go together seamlessly. Let us become part of the movement to enhance our culture by revisiting our skills and passions. Jennifer Scott of the Madam Chic series of books, is forefront in this movement.  Meet her here.

Like Jennifer, I am a music devotee. All genre's. Recently I have been revisiting my absolute favorite classics. Several years ago a movie about the life of Ludwig van Beethoven, 1770-1827, showcased selections of his most popular works. Every time I hear Fur Elise I am reminded of the passions of this man whose genius was overshadowed by his deafness.

The Movie Trailer, Immortal Beloved. 1994.

However, the underlying theme music in the movie was Violin Romance Number 2. It is mesmerizing, I have each note memorized. this is one rendition, enjoy.  

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Jeanneke said...

Beloved - Beautiful - Beethoven! As you said it is mesmerizing.

I enjoyed my favourite music this morning: Chopin's Ballade no.1 Opus 23 in G Minor, performed by Krystian Zimerman.
It's bringing me to tears time and again.
Blessings and hugs,


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