Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Teatime Tuesday

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Life 's little routines insure my civility in a restless world. One such is my afternoon Tea. During the Summer this moment of peace is regularly interrupted by one thing or another and I do miss it. As the seasons slide into Fall I resume my little afternoon event as often as possible. On occasion I am able to share it with a friend or family member and that makes it a celebration. But most often, it is just me and Lucy.

While I like to set a tray I sometimes just use a tea bag and a nice little cup.

My little silver tray gets lots of  use and I vary the pots and cups depending on my mood at the time. I am usually working at that time of day on the computer while dinner is cooking or doing some stitching in the studio. In any case, a nice little break around 3:30 pm is just right.
You have seen this little red brew pot before. I tend to use it all the time. The cup is one from the collection, The cup is Hallmarked and labeled 'china.' It is ivory with stylized flowers and vines and a gold trim. I do not remember where it came from but I remember it being a gift from my Father-in-law as a memento of one of his little car trips. He loved a car ride, a tour of a sort. They would get in the car and just drive, destination unknown. He would usually return with some type of food item for me to fashion into something his Mother used to make and the tea cup as a gift as well. They had many tours, I have many cups.
The little gold trim mother of pearl dish is a mystery. It originated from the china closet of a Husband's Grandmother. It's provenance is lost but the hallmark is a hint.
Husband's Aunt married into a Czech family and one year Bubba (her MIL) traveled back to the old country. I think this was a souvenir of that trip. The two antique applique quilts I have shared were made by Bubba.
this one

and this one

I cherish the memories all these little items invoke. It is the little stories of my life that embrace the civility. A freshly pressed table cloth, an embroidered napkin, a tea cup and a quiet moment to remember that life is good, complicated but good. 

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ELMO said...

A perfect afternoon sipping tea and looking at beautiful quilts. Now I want a cookie & cuppa.

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