Saturday, October 17, 2015

Wow, What a Week! The Quilters Dream Retreat!
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Do you know what happens when you put 100 sewing friends together? You guessed it, lots of fun. I have attended many seminars and sewing events but let me tell you this was the Bomb! My friend, Gloria Horn, who owns and operates Gloria Horn Studio with her Sister Joanie and an amazing dedicated staff, produced the most amazing show at the Meadows Racetrack and Casino in Washington, Pa. last week.   

The casino has large banquet rooms that accommodate and provide the best service ever.  Eleanor Burns was to be the featured presenter for this event but her illness and subsequent heart surgery left her unable to fulfill that commnitment. Instead, her cousin, who is from our general area, filled in. In addition, Babylock (the sponsor) sent two amazing educators to teach the two other classes. Three amazing classes in three days. I am exhausted. My friend and I had such a great time and we learned a great deal about our machines and some new techniques to use in our personal sewing. In addition, we learned just how much we can get done in one sewing day.

I have mentioned here on prior occasions that I am a slow sewer. I was mostly able to keep up but was unable to finish one of the three quilts. Quilt in a Day is a suggestion I think :) I wanted to photograph some of the events etc. but decided not to do that because of possible copyright infringements. I would never want to compromise those who work so hard to produce the show.

But, there is more. I get a 'fever' of sorts when I attend these stimulating, if not over stimulating events. Like those upstairs in the casino, with that glazed look at the spinning fruit on the slot machine, I see sewing bliss. I know, I know, what is she thinking.

She is thinking new Serger people, new Serger.
My old Janome still works fine but it is limited. The new Bernina, well, is a bit fiddly and lots of trouble to convert to a cover stitch, so. We opted for the Babylock Ovation. The Bernina will be going to a new home,  Hopefully, the new owner will appreciate the fine quality, complicated nature of this machine. I used it very little, it is like new.


ELMO said...

Oh, I can feel your excitement, but at the very least you can show us which quilt in a day patterns you worked on. ;) my second quilt was an Elean o r burns jewel box quilt pattern. It took a week, not a day

celkalee said...

Oh I will show. These were new yet to be published patterns, we were sort of a tester group for two of them. I have news for you too.

ELMO said...

I need one for a log cabin quilt..... I know lame right?

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