Friday, October 30, 2015

Pretty Please, a Quilt With a Flower Theme

This week at the Ladies of the Cloth quilting group we were pleased to see this quilt. Pat is the ultimate hand quilter these days, her skills have surpassed all levels, into expert. She doggedly works on her quilts with a small portable clip frame. Such patience, such talent.
As usual, my photography skills are lacking. I am so sorry because this quilt deserves so much better. The flourescent lighting in our room washes out light colors and neutrals as well. I would love to have taken this outside but it was raining, a lot. So, please let me explain. The Three Rivers Quilt Guild theme for 2016 is "Flowers."  Pat is deeply involved in the guild as well as being one of the show coordinators. So when I say this is a work of love for her I am not exaggerating.

The primary background fabric is a tone on tone neutral cream color with a muted Spring green/grayed down mottled print. Border is a stylized floral. The border picks up many of the florals in the central motif as well as the multiple half square triangles.

The central motif, floral. She plans to enter this quilt in the show. It will be stunning when hung I am sure. Her meticulous hand stitching does not show well here. I will re-post if I can during the show to do justice to the work.

In conclusion, please also know that she has designed and pieced this quilt with stash fabrics and donated bits. She does this all the time and the outcomes are brilliant. Thank you for sharing Pat. You are a Peach!

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