Thursday, October 8, 2015

My Guy, Auggie. RIP 10/8/2014.

This is my Auggie. Well, he was eventually my Auggie. Mostly he was my Son's dog. When he came to live with us a major life force entered our lives. That is probably the understatement of the century. He really just tolerated me until the last year of his life. Then he needed me to lift him in his special body sling and carry him in and out, to the food and water, to his bed. He weighed 135 lbs at that time. I developed flabby biceps. He was so grateful and calm, not his usual demeanor. Trained as a guard dog, he tolerated little close contact. That changed dramatically after a fall down the steps and the subsequent back and hip injury. He was loving and happy at the end.   
One year later I miss him as if he just left.

Good dog.
This is one of his intense-looks. A very determined and loyal animal, Auggie loved to be clean, bathed and turned out. He was a proud guy, and made sure that everyone knew if he was in the room.  
One of my favorite pics of him, he had already gutted the squeaker from the little hedge hog he got for Christmas. He was a talker, making funny little noises and barks when he wanted you to play with him. He was a really big dog, termed a Giant by our vet. Inside that big head was the smartest dog I have ever known. He was perceptive, observant and determined. During the last 6 months of his 17 years here on earth he had become totally deaf. We taught him some basic sign language.  He was a quick learner and 12 signals were easily taught. We were working on a few more. An unusual fact, he had double rows of molars top and bottom. Yes, that was one imposing set of teeth!

Rest in Peace dear Friend.

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ELMO said...

Rest in peace Aug give, he was such a handsome boy.

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