Sunday, September 13, 2015

You could hear them with the doors closed. As I peered out over my deer damaged shrubbery (that is another subject) I saw a group of turkey's out for a stroll. We have lots of turkeys, two large flocks. One has 28 and the other 34+. In addition there are several Momma's and babies who seem to not travel with the flock but near them. And, of course, the big Daddies. This day flock number one was on the West side of the property and flock number 2 on the Eastern side. For some reason they were all walking around the house, in circles. Clucking and squawking all the time. I am having an Alfred Hitchcock moment.....................
They all look pretty much alike so I have decided to not name them. Like I ever could! Easterners.
The Western crew. It is like having Turkey Gangs. They seem to be at odds, cluck wise.
Oh no, I've been made, they see me. Getting ready for a fly over, I do not want to be underneath that!!!
Have a lovely day, Labor Day is history. Yes, Summer is over. Rats!

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ELMO said...

They don't look the least bit nervous, they'll be fair game in 10 short weeks

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