Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Popular Scrappy Quilts

What do you do with a large collection of red, white and blue nine patches? You make a nice patriotic scrappy quilt! This one is the perfect one to donate to our local VA hospital to be used as a lap quilt for a hospitalized warrior confined to a chair or wheel chair.
In this setting of the blocks the red nine patch in opposing corners and the blues are in the opposite corners. This balances the over all design nicely and anchors the quilt so that the edges do not feel like they are 'floating.' (My term) Those of us who cut our scraps as we work know that the nine patch collection is one of the most versatile for the scrap quilter. Cutting 2 1/2 inch squares is easy when you are wrapping up a cutting session. I have also used my Go cutter to cut strips and cross cut the squares. After several cutting sessions the quilter has enough 9 patches to work up yourself or pass to a quilting friend. It's all good.
This is the pretty backing and scrappy binding for this beauty. Thanks for sharing Rose.

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