Thursday, September 3, 2015

Still Thinking about A Log Cabin Block Exchange?

AccuQuilt GO! Log Cabin-12" Finshed by Leslie Main

You know how much I respect Melissa Corey of the always inspiring blog, Happy Quilting.   When she first posted the log cabin block exchange project she was working on my wheels were spinning. One of my favorite blocks and actually one of the first quilts I ever made, the Log Cabin is a charmer and depending on your choice of setting it can remain traditional or pop with modern influence.

In the most recent post about the project she shows her exchange blocks and the myriad possibilities in the layout. You just have to see it to examine all the possibilities you may wish to consider.  Read the entire post here. 

While this is fresh in my wee head I am heading to the studio to play with the Log Cabin Go Cutter. I bought this about a year ago and have yet to take it for a spin. Pathetic. This one finishes at 12 inches, a good size for an exchange I think. Of course you could use any size of strips and trim the blocks to 12 inches easily, or cut all the strips the same size, or whatever works for your exchange group. There is no law that the blocks have to finish at 12 inches either.

I am going to test the die by making something smaller, like a table runner or place mats.

The next post on the project here. Sherri shares some tips about making this type of quilt that you will want to read. Putting the blocks together made for a non-tradtional quilt.

The final post in this series, HERE!

In case you missed it,
The First post about the Log Cabin Exchange Project, linked from Mellissa Correy's Blog.
 ELO Hold on Tight to Your Dreams!!!!!

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