Friday, September 11, 2015

On This Day....

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I will never forget what happened on this day 14 years ago for many reasons.  But today another memory, this time a great one. Mr. and I were out and about for a Dr. appointment and decided to stop for lunch on our way home. A restaurant that we had passed many times but not visited was on our radar. When we entered it was impossible not to notice that we were likely the youngest people in the dining room. At a long center table a group of quite elderly and infirm men and women were seated and enjoying their lunch.

When the time came for the waitress to present their bill I over heard her tell the group that the  two gentlemen in the back of the room had paid all their bills on their way out. She had to repeat it several times because their hearing was diminished. One man, in a wheelchair beside me didn't understand what she said and she repeated it several times. He kept trying to pay his bill with a wrinkled and tattered $20.00 bill. After 4 or 5 explanations he finally understood that total strangers had bought his lunch. Tears welled in his eyes, mine as well. On this day true humanity was displayed by regular Americans. It reminded me of the times right after the 9/11 attacks when humanity had let down their personal barriers and shared their lives and support for an America under siege.

Let us not forget that sense of oneness that led us out of those dark days.

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