Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Leaf in Batiks

As a pre-class for the Eleanor Burns event next month, the sponsoring sewing machine dealer wanted all attendees to make a block using Eleanor's technique with flying geese. Using Batik fabrics we all finished piecing an entire block, did some decorative stitching, machine quilted in the hoop (on the Babylock Destiny, be still my heart!) and did some machine embroidery. We had a great class and a great teacher, Cindy.

I have discovered in past creative slumps there are a couple ways to stir my juices again. Cleaning the studio, sorting the fabrics, playing with the tools usually is all it takes. Did that, didn't work. The next sure fire way to get back to work is to take a class. I am fortunate that I have several options. This class came at just the right time.
A seasonal wire hanger. Get out your craft wire, this is a simple design, no wood, just wire. I am in the wrong business. We could make 50 of these with the right jigs and tools for what I paid for one. 

Surrounded by creative people, happy in their project and always looking for new inspirations, quilters are a support system of note. So I gathered up my traveling gear and my healing facial scars and hit the road.  It was good, very good.
Come a little closer:
  • I cut off a point or two. Driving me crazy.
  • This was sewn with a sew-and-turn method, eliminating a binding. Works well for something like this.
  • I love, love, love the in the hoop quilting method. 
  • We used the super, uber, fantastic Babylock Destiny machine for this embroidery. We secured it using a magnetic hoop. Let me tell you this, I am going for the upgrade on my machine this month. It includes an 8 inch square magnetic hoop. If you have never used these things you must see a demo. Amazing. Cuts the hooping time to a minute. I am putting the big one on my Christmas wish list. It is a must have. 
  • I chose the glue method to close the turning seam at the bottom. It is nearly invisible. I have never used it for quilts that are to be washed and dried but some have and say it is a winner. Great for wall art etc. 

Loot shoot to follow! You know I cannot go into this shop without buying stuff. The fabrics are me. The projects are inspiring and well display in a fairly small area. The staff, there is none better. Thanks ladies, so glad I came.

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