Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Final Days of Downton Abbey and Fabric Frenzy!

Last day of filming at Highclere-perhaps raiding the wine cellar wasn't the wisest choice
The 6th and final Series will air Jan 3rd, 2016 in the US.

Last cast and crew photo #finalcountdown #lastdaysofdownton #downton
A long shot of cast and crew, trucks and camera's.
Oh how we laughed!
Masterpiece Theater released these and several candid photo's of the last days of filming the now iconic costume drama. I suspect the finale is bittersweet for the cast because many of them were essentially unknown (well, at least to me) prior to this venture. I think most are ready to move on. In any case, here is the link to catch you up on the story and the fun had by all after filming.  The Instagram Candid photo's.

As a little tie-in I have some beautiful fabric from the Downton Abbey line?
When I bought this I thought it was a perfect representation of the Downton Abbey style.
You know I am labeling this Fabric Frenzy! It appears that I was mistaken. I will admit here and now that when I enter a new fabric store, particularly a specialty quilt store, with stunning samples and rows and rows of fabric, well, I sort of lose my sensibilities.
So there you have it.   Not Downton, not Lady Mary, or Sybil or Mrs. Pattmore! I scanned several online stores and studied the fabrics that ARE from that fabric line and some are similar. My excuse....Fabric Frenzy!!!

I also shared the Lady Mary purse but this one by Lazy Girl's is essentially the same.
Since I am not a bag maker this is about as fancy as I get.

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