Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tea Time Tuesday

Fantasy Tea Time Picnic, I have lots of bunnies this year. I have bunnies on my mind!

Isn't this tea setting beautiful? I'm thinking of the Ladies who Lunch at a little planning meeting for the local Library Fundraising Gala. Situated in a charming greenhouse, part of a city mansion museum, surrounded by beautiful palms and tropical flowers, the Ladies enjoy their savories and sweets while choosing the table centerpieces.    
OK, enough of that, I have laundry to fold and weeds to pull. Have a wonderful day while you contemplate your next tea party!

Link to The Vintage Table in Perth, Australia, wish they were here!

In my incessant quest for the perfect work space please click over to see a new set up by Karen of Sew Many Ways. HERE.

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