Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tea Time Tuesday, A Little Corner of Paradise

Can you believe this little cottage corner is so darn cute? First off, crisp white and minty green create a bright and comfy spot to sit back with a cuppa. The chair is a traditional wing back reupholstered in a woven check fabric. Note also there is a matching piping around the seam edges and cushion edges. The decorative pillow is trimmed with a nice thick cotton fringe. I cannot tell if the striped fabric of the pillow is printed or appliqued but it is too sweet. The lower table is what we always referred to as a "pie crust" table. Note the crimped edges. Likely a Vintage piece, it was painted white to suit the decor and compliment the ship-lap paneling of the room.  Of course,   any time you can showcase a box-bay window with mullions you have already hit the jackpot! The higher table reminds me of one I had years ago with stamped metal fringe to compliment a marble top. I used it for plants. I think it is in the barn attic. The dried hydrangea in the white ironstone pitcher are a bonus! PS, check out the adjoining room with the little white desk and the French inspired cane back chair.

***I saw this photo on Facebook I think but could not track a source. It was part of a post from Tea for Two and Two for Tea.

I cannot help but notice that I revert to comfort-type postings when real life gets a bit muddled. This little corner in an unknown house calls to me. I am a voracious reader of many types of fiction and non-fiction, when time permits. I have discovered several authors over the last year or so who speak to real life, to real circumstances that we all live through. Their words of wisdom frequently help me to cope with life. I have started a new 'page' on the right sidebar of the blog to share links to articles and wisdom shared by these extremely talented people. If you are curious please check them out. Even Quilters need support and instruction in disciplines beyond our fabric :) 

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