Saturday, August 8, 2015

Inventory Time

Approximately two times per year I take a bit of an inventory of the supplies in Sewtopia. Nothing formal or exacting but I feel the need to revisit threads, kits, fabric and yarn now an then to tweak my thinking and my planning. Like most I have many more plans and projects that I will ever complete in this lifetime. I managed to sort through the threads, Go cutter dies and embroidery discs. I wrote all this down in a little book. I actually spent more time playing around than sorting but I felt good about it.
This little IKEA cart was one of my best additions to the studio. I can move it here and there as needed. I have only just touched the surface of this project but I will work on it a hour or so at a time and should have the work done by the end of the week.
Just so you know, I took a break to water the garden and pull some weeds. I picked the first tomato as well. If you laugh I will hear you and it won't be pretty!

Back to work. Do you know how much fabric you have? Do you sometimes buy duplicate patterns? Is this a certifiable illness? Just wondering. 

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