Sunday, August 9, 2015

Getting Ready for Fall-The Core Wardrobe

Like it or not it will soon be THAT time when the sleeveless tops, short pants and sandals get put away until Spring 2016. In my area the warm weather lingers until October so I have plenty of time to put the basics in place. My Friend Janice, of the Vivienne Files has already addressed the concept of the Core Wardrobe and continues to work with those items providing all of us the opportunity to personalize our wearables and accessories.

 The Common Wardrobe as Janice labels it, is based on the concept core pieces that mix and match. Great ideas, I am not sure about the colors for me. I don't wear black or gray well next to my face but navy or browns, camel or blue seem to be OK. Because I am fair and freckled with dark hair I tend to look ill with darker colors these days. I have never worn the skirted leggings, I fear I would look like two tree stumps wearing a ruffle! Really. Otherwise, I like it. If one uses her guidelines it is easy to assemble the core pieces while mixing it up with what you already have or want to buy or sew.
I am doing a big purge this fall. I have business looking suits that I Never wear. They are going, blouses that are snug across the 'girls' and structured trousers that just don't suit my lifestyle anymore. Someone will appreciate them, they are barely worn and very good quality.

These are the accessories she has gathered to show you how to put this all together. Simple, stylish and reasonable at all age levels and body types. Curious?  Follow the link below to see just how she transforms these basic pieces into a full Common Wardrobe!


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*no affiliation or compensation received, Janice generously permits reposting with links to the Vivienne Files. Thank you.

Watch the making of the Chanel bi-color cardigan, I want............ 

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ELMO said...

I want all of the machines they use on the Chanel cardi!

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