Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Sunday Walk in the Forest and Provocative Statements

Very hectic week this last one. Sometimes I think a good vacation would just be to park Mondo in my own woods and just relax.

We returned from Lancaster County, Pa. A quilters destination, I am suffering Tourist Trap-itis! I haven't been there for a few years and usually avoid the area during peak tourist season. I will not return there during peak season again.  

The crowds were ridiculous, parking was limited, heat was oppressive and there was rudeness all around. This was not the serene and bucolic background for the Sewist that I remember.

Not to get snarky on a Sunday but I have some conclusions:
  • By the end of the traditional tourist season even nice people aren't.
  • I don't travel well in 90+ degree heat with 80% humidity, particularly after stepping in you know what!
  • When I enter your shop do not scowl, no matter what time of the year it is. If you can't be civil there will be no money spent here. 
  • Does the Humane Society intervene in Amish life? I saw a couple incidents where lame horses were being driven to ferry over crowded wagons full of tourists along the roads. One horse I am quite sure collapsed despite being forced to continue. He/She was gasping for air, unable to walk, and wobbling on extremely thin legs with ribs sticking out. That was enough. I left the quilt shop area, (Bird in Hand & Intercourse, Pa.) I could not stand to see this travesty of capitalism from those who claim to live a gentle life, or is it we, the English, who have invented this perception to provide ourselves with a counter to our own hectic lives?       
  • Not one fat-quarter of fabric was purchased, I have plenty already. 
  • From someone very familiar with the way of life here I was warned, remember, these people do not like you. They use you for money and some actually hate you. Oh, and lets not forget the Puppy Mills! OK, I'm done. 
  • If you do not agree or if I have offended, so sorry. My conclusions are my own. 

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Jeanneke said...

Wherever you go there's no place like home, right?
Love is what one needs to feel welcome or at home, wherever - whenever... Amish (country) or not.
Is sharing / showing love not what Amish are taught or allowed to do to the 'Englischers'?
Love for ( Englischers') money apparently is.

Take care my friend.
Sending blessings and love,


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