Sunday, July 12, 2015

Your Basic Half-Square Triangles Using a Layer Cake Pre-Cut-#1

The next project using half square triangles, again. There are just some designs that can stand the test of time and design.
The Fabric

Using one 10 inch pre-cut layer cake and one Jelly Roll.
Set Jellyroll aside for now.
Separate the layer cake into two piles, one light, one dark. Then right sides together match a light print with a dark one, place a pin in each of two opposite corners.
Gather up a nice long ruler and a marking pen, draw a line across the layer cake to opposite corners.
Sew/join the layer cake by stitching on each side of the marked line, 1/4 inch from the line. The marked line is your cutting line.
I chain pieced the whole lot, up one side and down the other. I use my trusty quarter inch foot for this. Then clipped them all apart.
 After the stitching, cut on the marked line.
Here we go, now press each triangle before opening to 'set' the seam.
The following step is one of my least favorites, the square up. Until next time. 

Eleanor Burns video 

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