Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Two a Day!

 Now I am not saying that the Ladies of the Cloth churn out two quilts a day but they are prolific. Just so you know. Some make traditional patterned quilts while others lean to the more modern esthetic. In any even, they have great design sense and commitment to their craft.
Who doesn't love a pinwheel? No one that I know. Rose made this sweet quilt with the bright yellow fabrics for her Grandson who is returning from living in China. What a great welcome home gift!
Of course a nice stripe fabric border is a great setting piece. Good colors and design for a young man. 

Another of our Snow birds has returned to the group. Linda Sue is almost done with this stunning quilt started two years ago as a blog hop piece. Beautiful.

A close-up shows her nice pointed stars and the colorful fabric choices.

Having just returned from visiting family in Florida, Jenny shared some stunning fabric that was gifted to her brought from Hawaii. Wow, what stunning floral's and screen prints. She is not sure just how she will use these yet, I can't wait to see. I think they were about 15 inches square.

Saturated Colors.

tropical design

these are subtle designs on textured-looking backgrounds.

So how did I come up with the Two a Day title? Check out this little video!

She makes two quilts a day!
See the quilt block that Susie Carpenter makes out of a Vintage Handerchief!. 

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