Friday, June 26, 2015

The Slow Quilt Movement

I have been sprucing Sewtopia up a bit in preparation for the Fourth of July Holiday. This quilt was a fast, slow, fast quilt. The piecing took a while. Machine pieced,  it came together after I finally decided what I wanted to do with all those half-square triangles. I quilted it on my Rockateer. Not the best choice but it worked out in the end. I love the seasonal decor. The little towel on the black bench is an old one. Washed out and just right for an outside spruce up. Please excuse the hornet/wasp spray peeking out there, I didn't even notice. It has become a regular companion recently. Those little buggers are everywhere and I am allergic. That and I have mosquito's the size of Hummingbirds from all this rain! Not a good combo! 

In recent months I have been hearing wispers in blog-land about a new movement, a new idea and change in the quilting world. As the last few weeks have evolved there has been conversation in several arena's defining and explaining just what the movement is to each person and how it affects their work. It seems refreshing in our current climate. Let me share what I know. 

 With the enormous popularity of the quilting hobby, business or passion many of us have tried to advance our skills so quickly that we have lost the enjoyment of the work. It has become so much process that we are bogging down. I know that I am. I have tried multiple times to recapture the thrill I first experienced when I discovered quilting but it has eluded me. Like many of my activities quilting consumes me at first. I joke that I am a sprinter. I poop out about half way, struggle a bit then regain my footing when the end is near. That said, I am still searching for that spark. When indeed the spark may just be to slow down. The pressure to make multiple gifts and complete them in record time has worn me out a bit and I plan to step back a bit.

The current runblings came out of Spring Market 2014 and are gathering steam.  Mark Lipinski discusses the beginning and the concept in this posting.
 It  is interesting and informative. This is the link to the slow stitching Blog and a Facebook link from there.  Mark is the champion of the movement and he has essentially reinvented his approach as a result. Very interesting. 

This movement embraces all forms of needle work, not just quilting. I feel a sense of relief in a way knowing that this same angst is shared among all needle crafts.

Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts shares her feeling on the whole concept. Take a peek at these blogs and posts to see if you can relate. I feel a fresh breeze in the air, do you?
  • I am going to follow all this closely in an attempt to assimilate the concept.
  • Since I am already slow, it should work out pretty good!
  • I hope your week was a good one. Everyone deserves a good week now and then. 
  • Tomorrow, we are making Strawberry Preserves. A girl and her jars...that is Summer to Me!

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