Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Ladies of the Cloth Show and Tell

Have you ever noticed that people who sew/quilt are more than likely to collect sewing paraphernalia?  Just about every quilter I know collects something related to their passion, hobby, or current pursuit.

For example, Susan, A Ladies of the Cloth/Sew and Sews Member, found this little beauty in a local antique shop. After discussion we are not sure if it is a toy or salesman's sample but it is as cute as can be.
It is like the larger sewing boxes of its type and it came with little mini spools of thread and some little scissors etc. Too cute.

Our Rose is still as busy as a bee with this little circle and pinwheel quilt. Too cute!
Terri made this little market bag with clever seaming from a lovely upholstery weight fabric.
See the other side, how the seams intersect? She thinks she found the pattern on Pinterest, this can also be made with three fat quarters.
Susan shared her most recent hand project. A master at fussy hand piecing, she started this one on a recent airplane trip. We quilters need a project at all times, don't we?
 Look at these little beauties. She plans a 'neutral' square between each motif for assembly.
Jenny and Terry spent an afternoon doing some Nuno felting on silk scarves. These photo's do not do justice to the pieces. They are light as gossamer and the colors are beautiful. This one is Jenny's.
This one is Terri's. Note a few little additions to her base fabric. I was surprised to see just how much the silk scarves shrunk during the process. Their one comment that struck me was to try not to do this during a windy day. Those hair-like wool and silk fibers take to the wind like butterflies.
One more Terri project, she is a busy stitcher I am telling you! This sweet little bag is perfect as a cross body for the shopper. It is big enough to hold the essentials while not causing shoulder burden! A girls needs her hands free to pet the cloth and study the fabrics. Yes?
The bottom and the lining are a contrast fabric.
A nice zipper gusset, a ribbon pull, what more could a girl want?
  • Growing your sewing/quilting skills and interests is strongly enhanced by having a group of friends who share your passion.
  • Quilters are known for reaching out and inspiring others.
  • I have resisted the bag making trend for a long time but after the recent in-the-hoop tote bag I just made I am getting interested.
  • I have a friend who thought she wanted to quilt. She bought a Viking Lily and all the quilting doo dads and has now decided to sell it. It is still in the box, never used. If you are interested please email me at kczkws4@aol.com if you are local and I will pass your info on to her. Toodles. 

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