Monday, June 15, 2015

Quilt Shop, Needle and Threads in Gettysburg, Pa.

One of my favorite past times when traveling is to seek out new-to-me quilt shops. I do some research and write down addresses, features etc. so that I am prepared. Well, let me tell you that I drove past this shop on the corner of a road where we must have turned 10 times before I realized it was on my list. Unassuming and not particularly attractive on the outside it will delight once you enter. A vast array of fabric, all quality stuff from several manufacturers I really enjoyed getting to know the personality of this shop. As a quilter one quickly recognizes that each shop is a reflection of its owner. This one also carries some garment fabric and trims mostly geared to the Civil War Reproduction Garment crowd. All nice but you aren't going to see me in a hoop skirt, long sleeves and high collar any time soon! 

 Many of the bolts are threaded onto "arms" lengthwise and you can scroll the collection on two long walls but flipping through the bolts. Much like decorative rugs are hung in specialty shops, I have not seen this in a quilt shop before.
The Loot!

One yard of this cute fabric came home with me. I am not sure where it will be used but it is cute, yes?

It was my intention to browse and choose maybe one little bundle of fat quarters to add to the stash for a future project. Well, we all know how that goes. 
Who ever said that you can't find a bargain now and then. The prices in this shop are much like mine in Pittsburgh. I know there are shops in Lancaster and surrounding area that boast significantly lower cost per yard but this shop was not it. Average for what I saw was $10.95.

This cute little apple print is destined to be an apron. Perfect for Fall Apple Harvest Season!

This was such a pretty bundle with the colors I was looking for. I haven't taken it apart yet so maker etc. is unknown at this time.
Now this is just a guess but I have a theory. I have noticed lots of enticing little fabric bundles and notions as well as books and magazines stacked at the check out line. While waiting in a line to have fabric cut or waiting for a sales person or check out person to arrive one naturally studies all those little bits of Quilters Bait. That is my name for it. It is there on purpose, if you have to wait you get the urge to look and once you look you are about 50% likely to buy ONE MORE THING.

There were a couple opportunities that left me waiting and pondering the Bait. It is not that I haven't realized this in the past but for some reason it really hit home this time. A light bulb moment. I felt a little hood winked. 
Caught me a big one here I did!
Beautiful fabric, saturated color, botanical prints. I was in the net ladies, in the net.
And one more thing. Not a bag maker I seem to be leaning to another little project. Or it will join the other patterns waiting for some attention.

Needle and Thread Quilt Shop, Gettysburg, Pa.

A new post on the Mondo blog, Mondo Goes to Gettysburg, Pa. 
  • There is so much beautiful fabric out there, it is so much fun to explore different shops. I am becoming a bit more critical of shops these days. They charge premium prices. They need to at least smile or say hello, not stare at you like you have a big horn growing out out the middle of your head. Just saying. This one was OK.
  • I like fabric bundles, I like the pre-chosen combinations, particularly when I am in a little hurry.
  • There were many fabric bolts that I did not look at or price so the price range may have been much better than I realized.
  • This is a little odd but somewhere in that shop there was a dead mouse. I have a sniffer like a dog and know that scent anywhere. I have a barn, the little buggers hide there. I know the scent. It is impossible for me to believe that the owner and worker were not aware of this, steps should have been taken. Find it, do something. Please.
  • I strongly believe that the best shops display samples, not much in this one. Bring your own imagination.


Val said...

It looks like a nice shop, I hope you mentioned the mouse to someone. I can smell a dead mouse for miles, but my hubby is unable to. I was surprised because it's a very distinctive odor. .so it's possible the don't notice it.

celkalee said...

Hi Val, yes it is a nice shop and I did mention it and they looked at me strangely and essentially ignored me. We share the bane of the super sniffers! I can pick them out anywhere. There is a joke in my family because I can walk in our giant Costco and know instantly if there is one in the far reaches of the store by the loading dock! But the fabric is beautiful :)

sandi s said...

I love the stack with the purples and lavenders in it. I love to stop at shops when I travel! My daughter and I just got back from a trip to Cleveland, Ohio. On the way home to Alabama we stopped at 4 cross stitch shops. 3 were in Ohio and 1 in TN. We were in heaven. We didn't visit any quilt shops this trip. Enjoy you new finds. Hugs,

celkalee said...

Hi Sandi, in recent years we have not been able to travel much so now we just take everyone with us! I love seeking out new shops and it has become a routine for us. However, cross stitch, needle punch and rug hooking shops are non-existent in the metropolitan area. They have all closed. So that is on my agenda for the next trip. Glad you had a good trip with your daughter.

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