Friday, June 19, 2015

Planning The Quilt, One of My Favorite Tasks!

On a recent trip to Berlin, Ohio I visited a favorite quilt shop, Fannie's Attic. Located in the heart of Amish country, this shop carries mostly traditional style quilting fabrics. I so appreciate fabrics that have small repetitive prints. The collections in this shop were playing my tune. My stash was getting rather thin in the neutral category. These little bundles will correct that. I am building a collection to build a specific quilt.
Based on the patterns from this book, I have been collecting fabrics. If you recall this quilt (made by quilt friend Rose) you will get the idea.
Rose's pattern 
  • I just had to chuckle to myself, I have the idea, I have the fabric, I have the plan....I just need the time! Ha!
  • Searching for quilt shops while traveling is so much fun. Each one is different.
  • Somewhere in my travels I have misplaced my Cross Stitch Pear Project tote. While not yet frantic, I am starting to think it must still be in Mondo, probably in some obscure cupboard that I have not yet searched. Need to do that. 
  • More fabric photo's to come for this project. I have an important quilt to finish first. I am adding some floral applique's to jazz it up at bit.  

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Jeanneke said...

Great plan, great design, great fabrics! And if you've got the time...have a great time in Sewtopia, my friend!


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