Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Gardens and Fabric

Spring, that magical time of year when nature takes center stage. Green, like no other green. Flowers in early bud, a promise of things to come. And last but not least the Winter survivors. After a brutal Winter I am surprised anything survived. My beautiful Knock Out Rose, that stunner with branches so laden with roses that they had to be supported! Gone. Dead. And my deepest pain, Mr. in his ardent weeding pulled up and tossed my Perennial Foxglove. They even survived the Winter!!! Mmmmmmm! (need some background music? Run Through the Jungle, Credence Clearwater Revival!)
These blossoms are on the edge of the wooded hill side. I think they are black berry bushes. I was not up to climbing the steep hill, I used a telephoto lens. I know. Pathetic!
Just look at the green, the lush undergrowth. One of the many ferns that border the area is seen in the middle of the photo.
the Peony in bud, ants and all!
Peony, about half open.
A Winter survivor in the Herb garden, onion Chives.
The Italian Flat Leaf Parsley, the more I cut it the more it grows.
Sweet Basil just getting started.
A beautiful, healthy thyme also survived the Winter.
Would you believe that this lettuce sprouted from some seeds that must have fallen last year. It is on the menu next week!
This Winter survivor is Salvia. I haven't gotten to this bed yet. It is a mess but this little plant has been quite the survivor. It has been dug out, sprayed with chemicals and covered in ice and still a piece of it has survived. Isn't nature amazing?
  • There are not enough hours in the day. While I have known this for a long time I think it takes me longer to do just about everything. It's retirement.
  • My gardening efforts are much less this year. We have added some tomatoes but not much more so far. I am loosing one bed I think, the one that had the fungus problem last year. 
  • The dirt there needs to go. Even though I have covered it with plastic, let it heat up to sterilize the dirt etc. I don't trust it. Two years in a row. 
  • I need to hit the nurseries this week to seek out some special plants and moss. 
  • Have a lovely and restful day. These are the days we wait for during the dark days of Winter. 
Current work-in-progress, well not a lot of progress this week but tomorrow is my Sew All Day Day! I swore I would not make any more Jelly Rolls for a while but I had this one already and the colors called to me. Actually, I may change things up a bit. Stay tune. You know I like this whole planning business. It's the best!  And NO, I will never, ever be one to make two a day! Let alone 12 in 6 months! Bravo my Rose!

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