Sunday, June 21, 2015

Friends and Flowers and Summer Hours

 Friendships are like flowers, they need to be tended.

In a recent conversation with a family member she lamented that she had no real friends. How sad, it is true because I have witnessed her penchant for always wanting to be right, have the last word, demand attention while not offering anything in return. Friendships are the golden rays of life. That unspoken tie that joins like and sometimes totally different personalities purely for the enhancement of each others journey through the decades. And there is the clue. To have good friends you have to be one.

In reflection I am adding a link to one of my favorite writers who summarizes important tenants of friendship.  Have a lovely day and talk to a friend, keep that line of communication open, enjoy the personality of this person with whom you share your life.  

Powerful Words About Friendship

(insert smile), so as not to confuse..... this is not W. Pa, it is my Sister's back yard in North Carolina!
Summer, we wait for month after cold month for the warm and humid air of Western Pa. We dream of those days when our flowers and gardens burst forth blessing us with delightful flowers, lettuce, tomatoes and herbs. If you happen to see only one or two or maybe even three posts per week please know I have moved into my Summer Self. I need to pace myself with the Summer work so I will blog a little less. All the while I will be keeping track o f new ideas to share.

 As I usually plan,  I want to start some Christmas gifts for July. Since I always over-plan, We will see. So, if my aching bones decide to cooperate I will enjoy my Summer Schedule with some new found time.  I am always blogging in my head, it is a condition that is not uncommon among those of us who are still here, sticking it out in blog land. Many have abandoned the medium in the last year, just as many come and go at six month intervals. Their lapses always understandable when one has a life as well as a blog presence.

My rhododendron bloomed while I was away this year. I was heartbroken because they are such stunning blooms. This pic from a couple years ago that I have substituted to remind me that I need to take a little more time to appreciate my life.

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