Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wish I Had a Tuffet!

As I write this I am no longer listening to sweet birdsong or the sound of waves lapping the inlet beach. What I hear is the sound of heavy construction equipment and the beep...beep....beep of the trucks and bobcat backing up. We are rearranging some landscape here. Always some little project going on.

While I am plugging away making some rice filled heating packs my scrap boxes and bags and bins are calling me. They say ..."what are we doing here?" I have been searching my books, magazines and favorite blogs for some good ideas. Not totally sure yet but I need to sort the pieces by size, that is for sure.

 In the meantime I found this great idea,,,if you are on the hunt for a Tuffet!
the photo's of the class for your pleasure.....These are the genius works of Shiela Sinclair Snyder.

Think of what you could do with your strips if you aren't making string quilts or patchwork variety quilts. The class is in Oregon, how I wish I were a little closer. Any way, check out her website, the 4 free down loadable table runner patterns and don't forget to check out her quilt gallery.
  • I don't know anyone who looses more keys than Mr. I have threatened a lanyard around his neck with a I can't get up panic button! This is not an idle threat by the way.
  • We now have fully opened leaves on all our trees and cannot even see across the street, know what that means? Coffee on the the front porch in PJ's!
  • I cannot believe how quickly my laundry piles up.
  • Just in case you were wondering about those extra little holes at the top of your athletic/tennis shoes, here is a video to explain what you were supposed to be doing all along.  here
  • Warm weather brings out the need to smile. Just smile at the sun, smile at the flowers and smile at complete strangers on the street. Have a great day!

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