Monday, May 18, 2015

Table Runner/Mini-Quilts

As we transition through our seasons I find that my current table linens are looking a little tired. They are reminding me of (Heaven forbid) Winter! My mind just went numb but that is not totally unexpected. You must understand that in Sewtopia once that AC is turned on that baby stays on cranking away, day and night. Mr. tends to be a warm person so our thermostat settings are not like other homes. We have Cold, Western Pennsylvania Cold, Northern Tundra cold and Freeze your blood Antarctic Cold! (you thought I was going to say something else, didn't you?)

OK, back to the original subject. Table Runners. Talk about a rewarding and quick little project! These mini-quilts are not only fun to do, you can use up lots of fabric scraps and still have plenty of time to work on the big projects. Great as gifts for Birthdays, Bridal Showers and just because, the Mini-quilt/table runner can be personalized to color scheme or decorating theme.

For example, at a recent Ladies of the Cloth gathering Marilyn brought this beauty in to work on finishing the bindings. Now remember please, may of my photo's are in-progress and there are projects all around the tables because everyone is working on something! Marilyn has used this pattern many times and each of the mini-quilts has a different pattern because she changes up the fabrics and/or uses something that echo's the Holiday theme.
This one shows the details and how nicely the fabrics play together.
There are many patterns on the internet and on U tube videos to inspire you. A while ago Amy Smart shared this little one and got my whole train of thought moving.   
here This is basic Stitch and Flip with some additional quilting to highlight the rows. The striped fabric is carried into the bindings! Too cute!

If you are new to this process or would like a little refresher Follow this link over to Craftsy for a tutorial and some inspirational ideas to get you started.

Here is a little video from a prior Alex Anderson's Simply Quilts that will teach you how to make a baby blanket using the stitch and flip and quilt as you go technique.
  • Mini-quilts, table runners, pot holders etc. can be great quick projects that require only a small amount of fabric with a nice impact.
  • The flip and stitch-quilt as you go method provides an easy way to reach that goal quickly. The bindings will likely take more time than the construction process!
  • Take a look at your left over strips, like Amy Smart did. Pop in some white fabric and you have a bright fresh Summer look. 
Have a lovely Monday. Consider your projects for the week, maybe even make a check list of little things you wish to accomplish prior to the Memorial Day Holiday weekend. A nice patriotic themed table runner for your picnic table might be just what it needs!  

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