Friday, May 8, 2015

Sew What? Sew Whitt!

A super long week this one and when I returned home after a four day self imposed electronic hiatus I had 350 emails waiting. YIKES. About half of them were junk mail, one fourth required personal attention and another fourth were posts from my favorite designers of clothing and quilts. That is how I came upon this post.

The Sew Serendipity 2015 Spring Collection is here. Meet Ava. Made from quilting cotton the designer, Kay Whitt,  used elements from a 1975 Vintage  pattern. This is so cute. Click here to see other samples made from this pattern.  Ava Samples.

The next one she named Aspen. A tunic or dress this one is just as versatile as Ava.  Now, being a Texas lady Kay has a very independent spirit in her design but harkens back to country roots, comfort in oppressive heat and color, lots of color in her fabric choices. Aspen samples here.

She uses quilting cottons frequently, that is now I originally found her Website a few years ago. Naturally. She also uses traditional garment fabric from rayon to cotton pique. Each fabrication provides a totally unique take on the same pattern. In each pattern she provides several samples that can give you direction on how You want to design this dress. To me, that is the key for the clothing makers. How one tweaks the pattern and the design to suit their shape and their lifestyle.
This tunic/dress offers additional options that can span a short tunic to wear with jeans or casual pants or with an extended length it becomes a lovely semi-fitted dress. With the cost of patterns these days we all know that finding multiple uses for a single pattern is your best option.

Since I am on the verge of exhaustion here I will keep this short and sweet.
  • When you are shopping your favorite quilting fabrics keep an open eye and an open mind. Starting a small project using the quilting cottons can open up a new world for the Sewist.
  • Fear not the classic floral's. You will not look like something popped form the 1980's.  The new fabrics and colorways give them a fresh and young appearance. 
  • I am crazy about dresses, I rarely wear dresses, talk about a conundrum.
  •  While Kay's early work (2008) was a little 'cutesy' the most recent work is a combination of Vintage style and modern interpretation. 
  • Her patterns range in price but average about $11.00 which is very reasonable for an independent designer. The new ones will be released in a few days for sale on line. 
Nighty-night tootsies. I have Mondo stories, some this and that and general observations that may just sound like 'flight of ideas' to you. Wow, I really am tired. Today was my Birthday, I am 45 now because no one is falling for the 28 number anymore!!!

***Well dear readers, after a brief sleep I noticed that I forgot to add the links to Kays designs. I corrected that. So sorry. 

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